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Icon Batch #15
► Sunday, October 17, 2010 | 11:16 PM

I am SUPER unhappy with this batch. Heck knows why I'm even uploading it. Compare my previous batch to this batch - look at the immense difference! It's only been 2 days and my graphics have turned out to be so awful (look at the hideous coloring!). *SHAME* Oh, and with regards to the Sunday thing, yes I changed my name. Didn't really like my real name, so decided to change it. Charmaine, in case you were still wondering how I look like, I have pictures of myself over here. But let me remind you, curiosity killed the cat. I'm sorry if you can't unsee my hideous face. Okay, back to the point. Please do not enjoy the fugly 15 icons I made yesirie.

100 x 100


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